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  1. Drew Spencer

    I think that this is a fantastic idea Toby. “Gamification” is a tactic that has been used to motivate people for years, even in the public sector. It makes perfect sense to develop a tool that will help people to get involved and more importantly to stay involved. Sites like “seeclickfix” have already proven that taking a “bottom up” approach to large scale community issues can make a big difference. In my opinion, adding a gaming element to service like “seeclickfix” would only increase participation – so for volunteer-based organisations this combination of a social network and the elements of gaming as a means to engage people would be a great way to improve the likelihood of success, as well as to increase participation on an individual and organisational level.

  2. Wessel van Rensburg

    Thanks for the reference. I agree with you. On reflection I have come to the conclusion that ‘badges’ should indeed rather come from the bottom up.

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