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  1. VRider

    Dear Toby,
    using Klout as a ref point for Top Gamification Gurus is a great idea. Thanks for sharing.
    I suggest to add foursquare CEO and Co-Founder, Dennis Crowley t @dens to your list. Foursquare’s contribution to the acceptance of Gamification/ Gameful Design by the public and the industry leaders is enormous.


    Hanan Gazit, PhD
    Chief Ninja @ juloot interactive
    Start Play your Life

  2. Kam

    I’m going to try and game it…


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    [...] Following advice from my brother, Tony Beresford (@tonyberesford) fresh from an internship at Beyond Analysis, we’ve advanced the gurus engine to create a composite score based on guru ranking in each index (as I promised I would do last month). [...]

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