Top 20 Gamification Gurus (December 2011)

We have a new number one Gamification Guru this month – Gabe Zichermann returns to the top spot. Congratulations Gabe!

In this months top 20, we have 5 climbers and we welcome 9 new gurus to the top 20 list.

The top 20 reflects the rapidly changing influence of Gamification experts as the online audience clarifies who really influences us when it comes to Gamification.

1. Gabe Zichermann @gzicherm (2)
2. Ian Bogost @ibogost (3)
3. Jane McGonigal @avantgame (1)
4. Michael Wu Ph.D. @mich8elwu (10)
5. Dennis Crowley @dens
6. Marigo Raftopoulos @marigo
7. Jesse Schell @jesseschell (9)
8. Kam Star @playgen (11)
9. Nicholas Lovell @nicholaslovell (7)
10. Raf Keustermans @raf_keustermans (4)
11. Mariann Hardey @mazrred
12. Buster Benson @busterbenson (5)
13. Roman Rackwitz @RomanRackwitz
14. Mario Herger @mherger
15. Sebastian Deterding @dingstweets (13)
16. Aurelien Leftick @aleftick
17. Carrie Peters @Carriepeters
18. Guy Stephens @guy1067
19. Ben Kirman @benki (19)
20. Keith Smith @ChiefDoorman (12)

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How were December’s top 20 gamification gurus calculated?

On top of our Klout baseline influence score, we’ve added a score based on relevant conversations  in twitter. This gives us a way of tracking who’s been influential in the specific subject topic of gamification in the last month.

Following advice from my brother, Tony Beresford (@tonyberesford) fresh from an internship at Beyond Analysis, we’ve advanced the gurus engine to create a composite score based on guru ranking in each index (as I promised I would do last month).

I appreciate the formulas need an external eye so if anyone with a data background, wants to audit my formulas, then please ping me a mail to discuss.

How will January’s top 20 gamification gurus be calculated

We’re soft launching Pailz this month (please do sign up for the beta) so I’m planning on leaving the current guru engine as it is for this month without any new changes. That gives all the gurus a chance to game the leaderboard. I’ll be interested to see in January whether we’ve got any significant anomalies – can anyone knock Gabe off the top spot?

Why am I not in the  list?

Entry to the Gamification Gurus list is free to all. You just need a twitter account to apply.  I have set a limit of about 300 people in the list (you can blame twitter API throttling for the arbitrary limit) but we’re nowhere near that yet.

How can I see my own rank?

Tweet me @tobyberesford and I’ll reply.

Comments from participants

I’ve had some interesting comments about the list this month:

  • Marigo Raftopoulos felt we should be showcasing projects rather than celebrity bling.  Do you agree? If so, how could we make a leaderboard of gamification projects?
  • Kam Star is trying to game the leaderboard (great!). He’s managed to go up 2 places this month, so perhaps his strategy is working. I wonder whether he will get to the top spot and unseat Gabe? As they say, watch this space…!

Your opinion needed!

I still have a few questions I’d appreciate comments on when compiling the list:

  • Should a company twitter name be allowed to be a Gamification Guru. This month I’ve removed @bunchball from the list (a twitter handle with great Klout) but there are grey areas. For example, @Seriosity is Byron Reeves’ company, a known Gamification influencer. His personal  klout score is woeful but Seriosity nearly got into the top 20 this month (number 21 if you must know).
  • What other factors should we take into account? I’ve asked Lanyrd to create an API so we can factor in speaking slots but haven’t had any response yet. Maybe slideshare  is worth tracking? What else could we track?
  • How about we start testing Gamification Gurus themselves? I’ve created a gamification test on Smarterer – it needs 7  more questions before it can go live,  if you follow the link, please sign in to Smarterer and add a question or two, that would be much appreciated.  Once the test is live, I will factor in Smarterer scores into the next Top 20 list.

Well that’s all for now, enjoy the list, please give me your feedback and please do share it as widely as you can. As they say, game on…




Toby Beresford

Toby is founder and CEO of Rise the success tracking network to track, publish and share success. He was the 2013 chair of - the International Gamification Confederation and organises the UK Gamifiers meetup. As a gamification leader, he speaks at conferences and hosts workshops. Follow him on twitter @tobyberesford and Subscribe to this blog at Gamification Of Work blog feed

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