Friday roundup: a few gamification stories you might have missed

1. Achievements come to Microsoft Visual Studio

Looks like the X-box guys are breaking out across Microsoft as badges come to their software development product, visual studio.  You can now win achievements for using the product well.

In a funny twist on the norm, they give “anti-achievements” for writing bad software code as well.

Story from Geekwire  – Visual Studio

{from Andy Stephenson @raiseatree}

2. Dominos lets you order pizzas you created in a game

Yes this is gamification to me – why? because the game spills out into the real world – in this case ordering a pizza. You could equally say they have gamified the pizza ordering process. Nice one, Domino’s.

Story from SimplyZesty

{from Tony Beresford @tonyberesford}

3. Nike launches Nike+ Fuel Band

This is a wristband that links Goals you set in Nike+ to sports activity you actually do, whether running or playing basketball. It’s like a pedometer updated for the connected digital age.

NikeStore link

Most interesting trend we see here though is that Microsoft, Dominos and Nike are all big advertisers and they are getting in the game. Looks like gamification for marketing isn’t going away anytime soon.

Toby Beresford

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