Top 20 Gamification Gurus – February 2012

The updated Gamification Gurus list based on last month’s activity is out!

This month I’ve woven in data from – the social conference directory which lists sessions that gurus have spoken at. If you’re a gamification guru and you’ve been speaking recently, then it’s time to get your Lanyrd profile up to scratch.

As you can see below we have a new number one!  Congratulations go to R Ray Wang who has pushed Gabe Zichermann from the top spot.  For the full story, see the notes below.



So, how did R “Ray” Wang get to be top?

Wang wrote a “demystifying enterprise gamification” article for the prestigious Forbes magazine in late December. This has happily allowed gamification to reach a new and wider audience. He is also running a webinar later today on the subject.

Is Ray Wang really a Gamification Guru?

Well, here I turn for advice in answering the question, to Edith Wharton, an American novelist living from 1862-1937, who said “There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”

Whether R Ray Wang is the source of the content, the candle of the gamification ideas, or the mirror reflecting it doesn’t matter – the point is that he is the man last month who most contributed to the spread of gamification ideas according to my leaderboard engine, more so than even Gabe.

What else does this tell us about Gamification industry as a whole?

We can read other insights into the fact that the some of the leading Gamification Gurus this month have been people for whom a main value of Gamification is within the enterprise context (Ray Wang at #1 while Mario Herger of SAP continues to climb the list).

If this is the case, that Gamification thinking is heading towards the enterprise, away from the realm of consumer loyalty programmes and in-product points and badges  then this guru’s list is acting as it should – a way of tracking the trends and volatility of an emerging practice area.

Is the Guru list too Klout based?

The Guru list does use Klout as a primary indicator of online influence however I am actively weighting it with other factors more apposite to the topic of gamification itself. Just having a high Klout score does not make you a Gamification guru. Indeed there are several gurus with a Klout less than 50 in the top 20, and several with higher Klout in the lower ranks.  Over time I hope to ensure that while your Klout score counts, it does not distort the leaderboard.

You’re on your own Guru list, is that strictly legit?

Well I seem to have jumped into the top 20 list myself this month, this is mainly due to the addition of Lanyrd data (I’ve spoken on Gamification at a couple of events) but also due to the popularity of this list itself. All I can say is that I promise I am playing by the same rules as everyone else, and if contentious am  quite happy to submit the list to  independent audit. Just let me know.

Thanks to

Special thanks this month go out to Scott Dodson (36th on the guru list) the COO of Bobber Interactive who took the time to give me his views on the guru list and raise a few interesting points. Also to Tom and the team from Lanyrd who helped me navigate their web site.

What’s in store for next month?

Well, I’ve got our  first baby on the way in Feb, so don’t expect too much change to the leaderboard metrics.

A good month for you  to try and game the leaderboard again. ;o)




Toby Beresford

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