Upcoming – The Gamification Summit – interview with Gabe Zichermann

The upcoming Gamification Summit in San Francisco June 19-21 looks like being a fun filled affair for all that’s hot in our nascent gamification industry.  I caught up with Gabe Zichermann, the chair of the summit, to get his take on what it was all about:

[Toby] 1. What is the overall objective of the GSummit?
[Gabe] The objective of Gamification summit is to connect top experts in the field of engagement science with practitioners from around the world to learn, network and have fun. By sharing data, best practices, design insights and what worked/what didn’t, leading edge thinkers and strategists can advance the art and science of engagement. We also offer a set of hands-on workshops with certification designed to get product, marketing and design folks certified in Gamification architectures and processes.

2. Why is it called a Summit?
We called it ‘Gamification Summit’ because we are bringing together the top thinkers from around the world for knowledge exchange.

3. I see you ditched panels. Why did you do this?
The good thing about panels is that they get the audience involved with questions and panelist’s answers. But we wanted to take this interaction and bring it into all of our speakers’ sessions. So alongside removing panels from the program, we have shortened each presentation to no more than 18 minutes followed by extensive Q&A with the audience. So even our keynote speakers are going to be subject to lots of audience questions and participation!

4. For someone new to gamification, what would be the main benefit of attending?
Gamification is rapidly changing every industry – from healthcare to consumer goods, and from publishing to education – creating significant opportunities for both consumer and employee engagement. Companies that have adopted the techniques of Gamification have seen substantial increases in engagement, revenues and innovation. Only GSummit brings together these top thinkers along with hands-on workshops designed to help you capitalize on the opportunity.

5. For someone already familiar with Gamification, what would be the main benefit of attending?
Especially if you’re actively involved in Gamification, it’s important to join your peers at GSummit to exchange the latest approaches, successes and failures, and share data. These techniques are evolving quickly, and staying ahead of the curve is the best way ensure success.

6. I know you can’t show favouritism but which talks are you personally most looking forward to!
I’m very much looking forward to our keynotes from JP Rangaswami of Salesforce and Dave Anderson, Director of the United Mileage Plus program. Enterprises and loyalty programs are really breaking through with gamification in 2012 and I’m looking forward to seeing what these folks are doing at the cutting edge of the trend. Of course, we also have 30 other amazing speakers across a wide range of topics – and more being added all the time – so I’m personally very excited about the whole program.

Here’s a few of my own snaps from the Gamification Summit I attended in New York last year:


Gabe Zichermann introduces the New York Gamification Summit

Gabe Zichermann introduces the New York Gamification Summit

Networking with fellow delegates at the New York Gamification Summit

Networking with fellow delegates at the New York Gamification Summit

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