Gamification Gurus – November 2012

The updated Gamification Gurus list for November is out. Some interesting new people to welcome to the Top 40. Why not welcome them in with a tweet?

Visit the full leaderboard at to see the in-depth scores for each player and to update your own profile. If you didn’t make the top 40 you can sign in to see where you stand.

Rank Name
1 = Gabe Zichermann
2 Kevin Werbach
3 Andrzej Marczewski
4 R Ray Wang
5 Ian Bogost
6 Mike Martoccia
7 Caroline Japic
8 Toby Beresford
9 Sebastian Deterding
10 Barry Kirk
11 Tyler Altrup
12 Sergio Jiménez
13 Mario Herger
14 Scott Sinclair
15 Marigo Raftopoulos
16 Kelly Kampen
17 Thijs de Vries
18 Rajat Paharia
19 Life is a game
20 Scott Golas
21 Guy Stephens | @guy1067
22 Kris Duggan
23 Roman Rackwitz
24 Amy Jo Kim
25 Sudarshan (Suds)
26 Javier Arquelladas
27 willempje
28 Steven L. Johnson
29 ThomasBCN
30 Bob Marsh
31 Fredrik Torstensson
32 Dennis Crowley
33 Jane McGonigal
34 Robert
35 Thomas Power
36 Steve Peters
37 Buster Benson
38 Madhusudan Rao
39 Seth Priebatsch
40 Yu-kai Chou
41 Karl Kapp
42 Raf Keustermans
43 Trapper Markelz
44 Mario Götz
45 JesseSchell
46 Jon Radoff
47 Nicholas Lovell
48 Bart Hufen
49 Janaki Mythily Kumar
50 Scott Dodson
51 co_Gamification
52 Michael Wu Ph.D.
53 Tom Chatfield
54 Michael Fergusson
55 Keith Smith
56 Nathan Lands
57 Kam Star
58 gamesbrief
59 Katie Piatt
60 Jorge Simoes
61 Luca Massaro
62 Tommy Lee
63 Judd Antin
64 Melinda Jacobs
65 Aurelien Leftick
66 Nicolas Babin
67 Jeff Malek
68 Mariann Hardey
69 Brian Burke
70 Constant Demand
71 VincentBoon
72 Kes Sampanthar
73 Helen Routledge
74 Ryan Elkins
75 ashok pundit
76 Ben Kirman
77 Israel Nacaxe
78 Carrie Peters
79 Sudarshan (Suds)
80 Josh Kramer
81 Paulina Bozek
82 Anthony Williams
82 Nitesh Ambuj
84 Niels | DTDID
85 Rutgerteunissen
86 Andy Fanning
87 Hanan Gazit
88 Jeroen van Mastrigt
89 endafk
90 Norbert Szigeti
91 Tony Beresford
92 ScreenPlay
93 rients
94 Byron Reeves
95 vyty
96 Pug Pharm
97 Felipe Carvalho
98 Martin de Haan
99 Richard Beresford
100 Tal Horowitz

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Don’t forget to sign up to join the gurus list to be counted for the December edition.

Also if you sign in and connect your networks then we will take account of them for the next month. We have been collecting reams of Slideshare data but due to a technical glitch I wasn’t able to include the scores in this month’s leaderboard – be sure Slideshare views and comments will count next month though. Make sure you attach the tag “gamification” to your uploaded slide presntations.

Have fun gurus and thanks for teaching the world about Gamification!

Toby Beresford

Toby is founder and CEO of Rise the success tracking network to track, publish and share success. He was the 2013 chair of - the International Gamification Confederation and organises the UK Gamifiers meetup. As a gamification leader, he speaks at conferences and hosts workshops. Follow him on twitter @tobyberesford and Subscribe to this blog at Gamification Of Work blog feed

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  • (right month ranking comment this time)
    Tyler Altrup was the opening keynote speaker at the New Marketing International Congress in El Salvador, Central America last week ( The audience was really impressed and there’s no doubt Tyler has the ability to lead the way in Gamification. Great conference and totally recommended for any event.
    NewMarketing Congress lead
    CommunitiesDNA’s Chief Word of Mouth Director