Super Mario unseats Gamification Gabe from the top of the Gamification Gurus

It had to happen sooner or later. Gabe has been ousted from the top spot by Mario “Super Mario” Herger.

I put it down to excellent use of Memecube by Mario during Gsummit where he quietly racked up a number of #gamification retweets and @mentions…

Anyway well done to everyone else who participated (and a photo of the Gurus at the Gsummit is coming soon).

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Rank Name
1 = Mario Herger
2 Gabe Zichermann
3 Andrzej Marczewski
4 Kevin Werbach
5 Caroline Japic
6 Tyler Altrup
7 Sergio Jiménez
8 Yu-kai Chou
9 Kris Duggan
10 Rajat Paharia
11 Toby Beresford
12 Roman Rackwitz
13 Scott Sinclair
14 Marigo Raftopoulos
15 Ian Bogost
16 José Carlos Cortizo
17 Barry Kirk
18 Sebastian Deterding
19 Achint Nigam
20 Kelly Kampen
21 Jane McGonigal
22 Semin Ozmorali
23 Scott Dodson
24 Guy Stephens | @guy1067
25 Gamifier
26 JesseSchell
27 Scott Golas
28 R Ray Wang
29 Jorge Simoes
30 Janaki Mythily Kumar
31 Mike Martoccia
32 Michael Wu Ph.D.
33 Robert
34 Steven L. Johnson
35 Javier Arquelladas
36 Dennis Crowley
37 Thijs de Vries
38 Buster Benson
39 Wes Wu
40 Thomas Power
41 Humberto Cervera
42 Seth Priebatsch
43 Keith Smith
44 Tom Chatfield
45 Priscilla Haring
46 Jon Radoff
47 Bart Hufen
48 Helen Routledge
49 Trapper Markelz
50 Matt Foster
51 Sudarshan (Suds)
52 Klaus Klaus
53 Raf Keustermans
54 Kes Sampanthar
55 Nicholas Lovell
56 Karl Kapp
57 Bob Marsh
58 Mariann Hardey
59 Juan J. F. Valera Mariscal
60 Mario Götz
61 Luca Massaro
62 Jeroen van Mastrigt
63 Jordi Almirall
64 Lucía Gutiérrez G.
65 Katie Piatt
66 Madhusudan Rao
67 Nicolas Babin
68 Steve Peters
69 Compartia
70 willempje
71 Tommy Lee
72 Jeff Malek
73 gamesbrief
74 ThomasBCN
75 Elle Waters
76 Ben Kirman
77 Amy Jo Kim
78 Michael Fergusson
79 Anthony Williams
80 Sergey
81 Niels | DTDID
82 Nathan Lands
83 Fredrik Torstensson
84 Rutgerteunissen
85 Aurelien Leftick
86 VincentBoon
87 Ryan Elkins
88 Life is a game
89 Kam Star
90 ashok pundit
91 Carrie Peters
92 Brian Burke
93 Josh Kramer
94 Judd Antin
95 Pug Pharm
96 endafk
97 Felipe Carvalho
98 Michael Meder
99 Paulina Bozek
100 Nitesh Ambuj

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For those geeks among you – we’ve tracked 1693 tweets by the gurus about Gamification in April – a big lift from 763 the previous month. Good news for spreading the word about #gamification


Toby Beresford

Toby is founder and CEO of Rise the success tracking network to track, publish and share success. He was the 2013 chair of - the International Gamification Confederation and organises the UK Gamifiers meetup. As a gamification leader, he speaks at conferences and hosts workshops. Follow him on twitter @tobyberesford and Subscribe to this blog at Gamification Of Work blog feed

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  • Kartik Sanghavi

    Never seen such a shallow gamification of respected gamification leaders. Just by being mentioned it tweeter ranks you up? Is that all it takes to be a gamification Guru?

    What about Amy Jo Kim? Jesse Schell at the bottom? Jane McGonigal?

    Such mindless PBLfication is a threat to the community at this sensitive state of peaking the hype cycle.

    • Hi Kartik

      It’s actually more nuanced than you state in your comment.

      The gurus list reflects current influence from multiple metrics which are weighted differently. We include Klout score, Twitter activity on #gamification, Youtube views and Blog post comments to make the calculation.

      Amy Jo has left Klout which reduces her scoring potential though she got into the Gurus top 40 recently despite this. Jane McGonigal was at the top of the Gamification Gurus when it started back in October 2011 but has since dropped off. I think this reflects the changing nature of the industry – those who started at the top of the list are no longer communicating and teaching as effectively as others who have taken their place.

      Inevitably any such automated ranking will suffer from lack of signals, but I think this is better, and more gamified, than a purely subjective list.

      I would welcome suggestions for other signals we can include on the list to make it a more accurate reflection of who the true ‘gurus’ teaching and evangelizing about gamification are.



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