The Top 20 Most Influential Gamification Platform Vendors 2013

Using Leaderboarded topgether with PeerIndex, it’s now possible to create a Top Influencer leaderboard in a matter of moments and publish it on your blog.  See my post, How to drive traffic to your blog with a monthly influencer leaderboard, for more details.

As a demonstration, I’ve put together this list of the Top 20 Most Influential Gamification Platforms according to PeerIndex.  (Watch the Behind the scenes video). I’ve focused on pure play SaaS vendors as much as possible though I know many consulting firms have their own ‘gamification platform’ that they sell as part of client projects.

Rank Change Name
1 = (1) Badgeville
2 = (2) bunchball
3 (3) Lithium Technologies
4 (4) Gamisfaction
5 (5) Spigit
6 (6) BigDoor Inc.
7 (7) PunchTab
8 (8)
9 (9) Gigya
10 (10) MindTickle
11 (11) scvngr
12 (12) LevelEleven
13 (13) 500friends
13 (13) CrowdTwist
15 (15) Rise-Global
15 (15) gametize
17 (17) Tango Card
18 (18) Beintoo
19 (19) Reptivity
20 (20) Kazooky Inc.

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I don’t expect this leaderboard to change that often, influence does take time to wax and wane, so I’m setting the release cycle as annually.  If you’d like to create one that updates on a more regular cycle then feel free to go can create your own!





Toby Beresford

Toby is founder and CEO of Rise the success tracking network to track, publish and share success. He was the 2013 chair of - the International Gamification Confederation and organises the UK Gamifiers meetup. As a gamification leader, he speaks at conferences and hosts workshops. Follow him on twitter @tobyberesford and Subscribe to this blog at Gamification Of Work blog feed

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  • Well, on top of having nifty designs, they have a lot of things I can customize – levels, points, achievements, and actions. I can even reward people for interacting with specific elements on any page- a very important mechanism as I seek to draw visitors’ attention to my Octalysis Framework and tutorial vids (both of which provide a solid grounding in the core drives and mechanics of Gamification).