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Prioritizing Daniel Pink’s motivations in Drive, for organizations.

This is my view on the different motivations laid out by Daniel Pink, in his book Drive.  I am doing this entry, because the three motivations have been part of the discussion regarding gamification.  As I see it the order of importance and resolving with individuals in organizations, or to join an organization, would be: purpose, mastery and autonomy.

I see purpose as the first one, because in this, an organization both would need to sell potential new members on why it exists and screen candidates who don’t share the purposes of the organization.  This phase would also be used to sell candidates on making a commitment and have buy-in.

I would then follow up the purpose with mastery, in that training needed for doing what meets the needs of the organization would be dealt with her.  I place mastery before autonomy, because giving autonomy to an incompetent individual is a recipe for disaster.  For the inexperienced and unskilled, they would need training.

Lastly, I would end up having autonomy as the final stage.  In this, once an individuals buys into the purposes of the organization, and also has sufficient skills, you want to liberate them to do what is needed, manage themselves, and lead to change in the organization.

Richard Hutnik

Richard (Rich) Hutnik is a published game designer, with over 100 games created to his name, including the World's Worst Boardgame. He also has had years of experience in online community management with several game communities he has founded. He is currently positioning himself into the area of gamification, utilizing his experience in game design, community building, and online marketing. More information Rich Hutnik can be found at:

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