Octalysis Explorers (Facebook Group)

– Became the largest active Facebook Gamification Community Group

– More than 4,500 members

– Active community that supports gamification enthusiasts worldwide with general Gamification and specific Octalysis related queries.

– Active links to the Octalysis Prime advanced community network

The Octalysis Explorers has been witnessing tremendous growth in 2017. We grew from 3000 members to 4,653 in October 2007 (and growing at around 5 members a day).

The community is exceedingly active and there are daily discussions about Gamification, Octalysis, and other related areas. More and more the community is growing in a fully diversified group, with members from corporations, NGOs, student bodies and millennials. The diversity means that there is a large variety of topics that surface and get discussed.

Looking forward, we plan to further synergize the Facebook Group with our Octalysis Prime program. This program offers in-depth Octalysis Gamification knowledge to individuals that want to master their skills in this arena together with other enthusiasts.