Navo Orbico project (The Octalysis Group, Funtiago, Blue Horizons)

Sales team of a major FMCG distributor.

The team was depressed, unproductive, and lethargic.

We created a gamification solution that fully integrated with their existing CRM.

Results: close to 100% sign up rate; 21% sales increase; 70% KPI increase and up to 300% increase in social interaction between staff.

The objective was to motivate the sale teams that go to clients in the field to sell FMCG products. They were burned out from not having feedback on their activities and the monotony of their work flow.

The design/implementation consortium’s design transformed their mundane existance to an epic adventure where they became 18th century traders that traded with their clients (colonies). Whenever they would trade they and their city would gain in wealth. Whenever they did the right KPIs, they would gain in health (as would the city state). If the city loses health, its resilience goes down and it becomes targeted by pirates.

In the experience you can gain larger vessels, avatars, unlock boosters, chat and discuss with your group members at the Tavern as well as wager a bet at the Captain’s Wheel