Yu-kai Chou

– Continued leadership in the Gamification Community worldwide through lectures, publishing in all continents and community build up worldwide

– Octalysis University lecturer accreditation in top universities in Asia and Europe

– Build the first fully interactive Gamification Community Platform: Octalysis Prime

– Reached 500,000 people this year to create excitement about gamification through www.yukaichou.com
Yu-kai Chou has truly made his mark in the Gamification arena in 2017. With the successful launch of Octalysis Prime, we now have an emerging fully interactive and immersive Gamification community platform for Gamification professionals and laymen alike.

Through his website, www.yukaichou.com, Yu-kai is reaching 500,000 people this year, converting many to become active Gamification enthusiasts.

His continued influence through his book Actionable Gamification is notable as well, with translations in Chinese and Korean now added to the list.

Through his work, Gamification is accelerating in Asia and penetrating in corporations and civil society alike. One notable achievement is his work with Food Heroes: a now gamified program to tackle the crisis of obesity in Asia and the world. This program is now rolling out in China and other countries with active government support.

Gamification’s ascent in academic circles is further strengthened by Yu-kai’s acceptance of University lecturer roles in Universities. In addition Octalysis Gamification has now been incorporated as a full credit course in European academia, most notably in Norway.

He is active in novel areas as well, having been asked to design a fully integrated approach to the blockchain sector. He is working directly with founders of crypto-currencies to revolutionize engagement around this ground breaking technology, thereby helping to cement Gamification’s central role in creating engagement also in new technologies.

There are many Gamification projects that Yu-kai is actively designing and advising on. Currently his involvement in various European projects has taken shape, with projects in process in the automobile and heave industries as well (sectors where Gamification is traditionally been absent).

All in all, Yu-kai has proven himself to be a true Gamification Guru in 2017. He has continued to advance Gamification’s frontiers; has inspired thousands to take an interest in Gamification; and has made great strides in promoting Gamification as a force of good in this world.