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Fan of the week on Domino's Pizza UK

The power of one badge gamification

After yesterdays great debate (which I’m pretty sure we won) at the Social Gaming and Virtual Goods World Forum in London, I’ve uploaded my slides to slideshare. It’s slightly tricky to pull out highlights from your own presentation and discussion but I wanted to focus on one “epiphany” moment for me yesterday when I was [...]

Matrix of point-reward exchange systems - rewards crisp and fuzzy, points crisp and fuzzy give transactional, negotiable, loyal and relational system types

How to avoid pointsification by using fuzziness

I’ve been thinking a bit recently about this relationship between points and rewards within games, especially when applied outside games. There have been warnings from many thought leaders to avoid simply adding points to anything – otherwise derided as “pointsification” – but how should we, novice gamifiers, proceed instead? To help with this conundrum, I’d [...]

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