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gold panning

Gamification is about value not output

Photo credit: Gold panning in Kildonan (by alan souter) / CC BY-SA 2.0   It may seem obvious, but the statement is important: “Gamification is about value not output” When we apply Gamification – game mechanics – in an enterprise setting we must remember our goal is to track and motivate value creation not output. Or [...]

Gamificap - Guy Stephens kicks off, Michael Wu and Richard Bartle look on

Notes of the Round Table at Cap Gemini on Gamification

Friday’s round table at Cap Gemini (#gamificap) was facilitated by Guy Stephens (@guy1067) and was a great discussion. It was a chance to discuss Bartle gamer types with Richard Bartle (cool! – Ed), the game mechanics of reciprocity with Michael Wu, effective community engagement with Vincent Boon of GiffGaff, gaming for brands with Aliya Zaidi and [...]


Games for Brands – the CMO’s two minute guide to Gamification

Hello Chief Marketing Officer. This post will tell you all you need to know about games for brands (that’s the name of an upcoming conference) and Gamification – now on Gartner’s Hype Cycle for 2011 What is gamification? Gamification is applying video game mechanics (points, quests, badges and leaderboards) to non-games (marketing campaigns, products and services, [...]

Lady GooGoo moshling

How Interactive Media is learning from Social Games

In my recent article  ’Gamification at work – interactive media grows up‘ for MediaTel, I argue that social games are the most advanced form of interactive media (and I detailed some of the gamification techniques to demonstrate) and that all interactive media will need to learn the techniques from games, in order to retain their [...]

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