Best Games Like Age of Empires (2022)

Age of Empires is a popular real-time strategy franchise based on the history of great nations, its first title was released in 1997.

Age of Empires Similar Games

 5 – Starcraft II

Starcraft II is part of the acclaimed and popular Blizzard franchise that has brought strategic battles to a fictional universe where three races battle for supremacy. The game offers single battles with campaign rights and battles between players via Starcraft II is available for R$15 at the Blizzard store.

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4 – Rise of Nations

With a greater focus on history, Rise of Nations offers real-time strategy with 18 nations carefully crafted to deliver their unique characteristics in true massive battles. In the game, you must develop your nation step by step, building structures and collecting resources from the ancient ages.

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3 – Age of Mithology

Released in 2002 from the same studios as Age of Empires, Age of Mythology allowed players to participate in massive battles, using strategy, and this time with the help of gods and mythological creatures. The Age of Empires spin-off was so successful that the title sold over a million units and was well received by critics.

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2 – Stronghold Crusader 2

Originally released in 2001, the Medieval Nations War title recently returned in 2014 with Stronghold Crusader 2. In its second version the game introduced current HD graphics and a new 3D engine to give it more realism. But not everything is flowers and the game sins in not having a campaign or story mode, providing only Skirmish mode, with AI with infinite resources. Stronghold Crusade 2 is available for around R$90.00 on Steam.

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1 – Empire Earth III

With the help of one of the Age of Empires developers, the Empire Earth franchise was produced with the aim of bringing new features to the RTS genre, this included complex systems, which made players think more before taking an action. In the title, civilizations are separated by west, far east and middle east, where basically the west has the most developed technology, but with few units, the far east, little technology and many war units and far east with more unusual units.

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