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Best Games Like Among Us (2022)

Best Games Like Among Us (2022)

Originally released in 2018, Among Us suddenly hit popularity after a number of American Youtubers started playing the title, which soon after became a rage in Brazil and thousands of fans are now enjoying their favorite YouTubers. However, Among Us is excellent, but have you ever imagined playing games in the same style or even better? If so, we’ve separated a list with the best games similar to Among Us for you who loved this style of game.

5 – Secret Neighbor

With a dark setting, Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer horror game where a group of children try to rescue a friend from the sinister basement of the Neighbor. The problem is that one of the children is the Neighbor in disguise. As a child, you and other players must search for the key to exit the house. With Neighbor, you must do everything to prevent the children from leaving and you must also expel intruders. The title is available on Steam for R$37.99.


4 – Project Winter

Project Winter is an 8-player multiplayer game with a focus on social deception and survival. In the title, communication and teamwork are essential to the ultimate escape goal of the survivors. In this context you must gather resources, repair structures to face the cold together or you can also choose to betray your team in order to increase your chances of survival. Project Winter is available for PC via Steam for R$37.99.


3 – Enemy on Board

Enemy On Board is an online multiplayer social deduction game (6vs2) where 2 random players are placed as alien imposters and the other 6 are crew members. The Crew’s goal is to discover which 2 of them are aliens, hunt them down and kill them, while repairing the ship’s generators to keep the lines of communication open in an effort to escape the isolation of space. The aliens sow discord and wreak havoc in order to destroy Crew members by any means necessary. The last team standing wins. The game is available for free on Steam.


2 – Deceit

Launched in 2017 and available for free on Steam, Deceit tests your instincts for confidence and disappointment in an action-packed multiplayer first-person shooter. In the title, you wake up in an unknown environment to the sound of the Game Master’s unknown voice, surrounded by five other people. A third of your party has been infected with a virus, and you must do everything you can to escape. The nocentes must stay alert, go through the three zones and escape through the security hatch while the infected try to catch you one by one. When playing as an innocent, you’ll progress across the map and find items to help you survive as you make your way towards the exit. However, you will need to decide which ones are most valuable to you and whether you want to collaborate or fight with other players to get your hands on them. Each decision provides more information about your teammates and which side they are likely to be on.


1 – Killer Infected One of Us

Starting from the same premise as Among Us, but offering an experience with 3D graphics, in the title 4 to 12 players must find the main “traitor”, which aims to eliminate all players and prevent them from taking flight. In addition, players are further divided into Infected and Healthy, the objective of the first is to infect everyone else, deny being infected and mix with other members of the expedition. Healthy people, on the other hand, should find the infected person and cure them with an antidote, as well as prove to others that you are healthy too. The game takes place in 2040. From the base of the Arctic comes a statement on how to find new organisms. In this context, you and your team prepare for a research expedition to study the unknown organisms. Research gets out of hand and one or more people are infected with a deadly new virus “Virus-40”. The virus gets in the way of people’s judgment and forces them to infect others with a deadly virus to ruin the expedition. The launch of this game is scheduled to take place in November this year on Steam.

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