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Looking for games similar to Celebrity Hunter? The Spicy Game for cell phones developed by Brazilians and downloaded more than 3 million times draws attention due to the different plot varieties, making you decide, according to how you communicate, how your relationship with the characters will be, be it romance, friendship or ignore them altogether.

Considering all the characteristics of this incredible title, just below we have selected some good games in the same style as Celebrity Hunter.

5 – Island of the 16 Sisters

Can you imagine waking up on an island with 16 beautiful girls? This is what happens in Ilha das 16 Sisters.

As Robert, you wake up in a cold little village on an unknown island. However, you soon realize that you are not alone and 16 beautiful girls and a mysterious father live in the village.

The Island of 16 Sisters is the fourth series of adventure games by GameStylus. This time the main character is not a young witch, a mutant or a space treasure hunter, but a young man.


Crossing Forbidden Line

Working for an online dating app is fun, much better than your boring boring marriage, you can do it without any guilt in Crossing Forbidden Line English only game available on PlayStore. The app features characters that have multiple facial expressions with multiple wardrobe changes, 44 chapters, HD quality background images that help you visualize the story along the way, background music and sound effects, all of these together create an experience enveloping.


3 – Fame & Misfortune

Available in English only, Fame & Misfortune is an interactive visual novel with HD quality graphics, sounds and sound effects aimed at a female audience.

In this context, you are in charge of finding Mr Perfect, after an accidental meeting with a famous actor you can do everything to win him over or not.

The app features characters that have multiple facial expressions, with multiple wardrobe changes, 45 chapters, 450+ HD quality background images that help visualize the story along the way, background music and sound effects, all together they create an immersive experience.



2 – Nova Fantasia

Created by the producer of Celebrity Hunter, Nova Fantasia is an adult RPG that puts players in a medieval universe with an R-rated storyline, where your choices determine your destiny.

The big differential of the title, however, as in the medieval era where life wasn’t just pleasure and relationships, you’ll also have to participate in electrifying battles where your reaction will be tested to the extreme and fight for survival.

For its RPG aspect, the game still has a character progression system, in addition to equipment progression. All with photorealistic 3D graphics.


1 -Nautilus: Projeto Cyberpunk

jogos parecidos com celebrity hunter

Featuring the same premise as Celebrity Hunter, but set in the not-so-distant future, Nautilus Project Cyberpunk is another incredible game from the creators of Celebrity Hunter. The title brings a totally offline, immersive experience, with super realistic graphics, where each choice shapes your destiny. In the game, you choose your character, taking into account your sexual orientation and personality, and start the plot by getting in touch with dozens of other super interesting characters. In that sense, it will be your choice, through the way you relate, whether your relationships will become friendship or romance. The title continues to be updated and in August 2020 it received new content, including the new Lab location and new events with partners.


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