Best Games Like Dark Souls (2022)

We separated the games not graphically similar to Dark Souls, but full of difficulties, check below. If you are looking for games with graphics similar to Dark Souls you can check out titles like Dragon Age, Dragons Dogma.

Games similar to Dark Souls

7 -Necropolis

At first glance, Necropolis looks like a very elegant dungeon RPG. The characters with flat and contrasting colors give this game a unique aesthetic ensemble. In the title you venture into dungeons, finding loot coffers and fighting big bosses at the end, all in a really cool art style. However, combat is where this game is very reminiscent of the Dark Souls franchise. The methodical, slow-paced combat makes Necropolis a great experience that doesn’t feel like anything you’ve played before.


6 – Memory of Eldurin

From indie studio Liminal Games, Memory of Eldurin is an open-world action RPG where you experience a journey full of adventure and challenge. The game features nice graphics for an indie title, full of special effects and a fast-paced combat system. You’ll face skeletons, mummies and dozens of other creatures as you unravel the mysteries of the world. Memory of Eldurin is available on Steam.


5 – Bloodborne

Bloodborne is an action-RPG game exclusive to PS4 and known for its extreme difficulty. The game has numerous customization options, with weapons, runes and attributes that are distributed by the player when passing a level. Bloodborne’s brutal difficulty requires player mastery not only in the mechanics, but in the customization system itself. And as we could not fail to mention, the graphics are amazing.


4 – Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen is an action RPG for PC via Steam, PS4, Xbox One, Android and iPhone (iOS). Harkyn and his mentor Kaslo are called upon to protect humanity against the Rhogar legion. You’ll have to face armies of enemies armed with weapons, shields and if none of that is enough, abuse your magical powers in this adventure. The game features jaw-dropping cinematic effects and battles.


3 – Nioh

The Japanese Dark Souls label has long defined Nioh, a new venture by Team Ninja on PlayStation 4. The story follows protagonist William, a British mercenary and pirate who services the UK to bring Amrita from Japan, a stone similar to a gem, but with special powers. However, when faced with a project to use mystical energy for military purposes, the character is arrested and prevented from returning to the Japanese lands. The tempo fighting system is a masterpiece and the soul of the game. The big highlight and, at the same time, what differentiates Nioh from his inspirations is the posture mechanics. Low, medium and high instances drastically change the gameplay of each weapon and have specific roles for each situation.


2 – Ashen

Ashen is faithful to the “souls” genre of force-based combat, placing players in a vast world that punishes but satisfy. But here’s the difference: no interaction is the same. Whether you’re exploring swamps, investigating a fjord, or looting an ancient palace, where you are at any given time will dramatically alter the tempo of your adventure. It’s a brutal open world, and you’re living in it.


1 – Dark Fantasy Warriors

Dark Fantasy Warrior is described by the producer itself as a third-person action RPG in the Dark Souls style, extremely dark, deep and difficult. The game features a super dark fantasy universe with tense dungeons and super hard to defeat enemies. Get ready for a new world full of Dark enemies, but most of all, get ready to die.



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