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Games like Dead by Daylight

Games like Dead by Daylight

Looking for games similar to Dead by Daylight? Released in 2016 Dead by Daylight is a popular multiplayer asymmetric thriller game that puts players to survive in a gloomy closed environment with a beast on the loose. Considering that Dead by Daylight is a 4v1 game, we made a selection with the best games similar to the iconic title from Behavior Studio.

5 – Lunch Day

Lunch Lady is an online co-op survival horror game for 1-4 players that puts the player in an environment where the final school exams are coming up and the best idea you and your friends had was to steal the test answers.

In this context, the player (villain), who is nothing more horrendous than a scary creature as a director, who is in charge of recovering the 10 stolen pages.

As the game progresses, the unpredictable old lady will get even faster and stronger.


4 – Pacify

If you’re looking for something really scary, there’s Pacify, a game with a real and immersive look that will surely scare you or your friends.

The game is based on a storyline where an ancient funeral home, using supernatural methods, offers a last chance to talk with their dead loved ones. However, lights, laughter, a girl, missing persons, begin to appear and lead to chaos.

Play alone in single player mode or play with up to 3 friends in multiplayer mode. In multiplayer mode, you can choose to play with your friends or against them. Read the notes for tips on Calming the Girl. Find and use keys, dolls, wood and matches to help you on your way.


3 – Devour

Devour is a cooperative survival horror game for 1-4 players, in which you must stop a possessed cult leader from sending you and your friends to hell.

In this way, it will be necessary to hide as long as possible, as well as use different resources to escape.

Take control of up to 4 cult members in this unique online co-op experience, where you must work together to stop Anna, a possessed cult leader who is bent on taking you to hell with her.


2 – Friday the 13th Game

Friday the 13th: The Game strives to give every player the tools they need to survive, escape, or even try to beat the man no one can kill.

Each session of the game will give you a whole new opportunity to prove if you have what it takes, not just to survive, but to outrun the most famous movie assassin.

At the same time, Jason will receive a set of abilities that will allow him to locate, hunt and kill his victims.


1 – Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home: Survive is a new asymmetrical game consisting of 1 Specter hunting 4 survivors in an arena.

There are two main games that depend on the role the players take on. The Specter must strategically hunt down 4 Survivors, not letting anyone escape and not getting killed by Survivors.

Each Specter will have different stats and special abilities, giving you multiple ways to hunt down survivors. Survivors must cooperate to complete the objective. Each character will have different stats and unique abilities to support each role in decoying, damaging, or performing the rituals.

Things will drastically change after the objective is completed. The game will test the personal dilemma, choosing whether to form a team to eliminate the Specter or save yourself by leaving the arena.


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