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Games Like Detroid Become Human

Games Like Detroid Become Human

Undoubtedly Detroit Become Human is a game that enchants everyone from the beginning to the end, offering different results of scenes that make the game dynamic and surprising. However, this whole feature has already been replicated in the past in several other games, including games from the developer Quantic Dream. If you are looking for games similar to Detroit Become Human, below we have selected some of the best.

3 – Beyond: Two Souls

We start our selection of games similar to Detroit Become Human with the iconic Beyond: Two Souls also from Quantic Dream. This masterpiece features Hollywood stars like Elliot Page and Willem Defoe as characters. The title offers an interactive movie-style psychological action-thriller experience in the best Detroit Become Human style with high-quality graphics that make it a full dish for fans of the genre.

2 – Heavy Rain

Released in 2010, Heavy Rain was one of the first successful titles. With a game proposal similar to Detroit Become Human, which allows the player to change the course of the character through their choices. In Heavy, the player is in charge of controlling four characters, each with their own clues, and they must participate in a desperate attempt to prevent a murderer from taking a new victim.

1 – Until Down

In Until Down, one of the games similar to Detroit Become Human, your choices determine who survives among eight friends who are trapped in a remote mountain retreat, who will have to face terror if they want to survive one more night. The title features an incredible butterfly effect system where your choices create variables that always guarantee a different experience from the other.

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