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Best Games Like Diablo (2023)

Best Games Like Diablo (2023)

It’s impossible to talk about action RPG without remembering the title of Blizzard Diablo, which popularized the genre and ended up being an inspiration to several titles. The game has been cited in the media even more by recent announcements for Diablo 4, which featured an epic trailer, and therefore garnered positive reviews from the genre’s biggest channels.

Best Games Like Diablo

7 – Divinity – Original Sin (2014)

Divinity Original Sin is an award-winning RPG that features an isometric camera and a unique turn-based combat system, with an innovative, highly interactive player-to-player co-op system with a dynamic world where your choices have consequences. The game is a true RPG, so you are responsible for your story and your choices in a world full of interactions and possibilities, where little by little the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place, until the moment you find the main ones. reasons why people take action in this mysterious world. Among some of the interesting features present in the title is the possibility of creating custom maps, where you can challenge your friends to complete them.

6 – Kings Road

Available for free, in Kings Road you choose your character from three available classes to explore a world with amazing visuals and hundreds of challenges. In the game your mission is to save King Alderstone and battle with the forces of darkness, for that you can easily have the help of other players at your disposal. Despite the simplistic graphics, to run directly from the browser, the game has an action-based combat system and should be highlighted in this list.


5 – Sacred Gold

In Sacred Gold you experience the events of the Kingdom of Ancaria, after a shadow of a demon falls in the region, causing an evil creature to appear. The game has an epic detailed world, with 16 regions with heroic quests, enemies and warriors difficult to be defeated, 8 playable classes and lots of adventure. Such quality earned the game in 2004 the award for best action RPG recognized magazine for the gamer audience “PC Gamer”.


4 – Titan Quest

Titan Quest is an innovative action RPG set in ancient Greece, Egypt and Asia after dangerous titans escaped from their eternal prison, bringing chaos to the region. With this, only one hero is chosen for the mission and he will fight an epic battle to test the faith of humans and gods. On your journey you will encounter several villains from Greek mythology, including the beast Cerberus and River Styx. The title also features 28 classes and more than 1000 legendary pieces that are used to increase the power of your hero, as well as an incredible, realistic and full of details world.


3 – Lost Ark

Award-winning MMORPG developed by Smilegate, the game was initially released in South Korea, and later in Russia and promises to arrive in 2020 in Japan. Global launch is planned, but only after the title is fully localized to English. Lost Ark is a 3D multiplayer online role-playing game that offers an immersive action-centric style of gameplay and adopts a non-aim combat system and dynamic viewing angle to maximize the gameplay experience.


2 – MU Legend

MU Legend is the spiritual successor of MU Online, popular MMORPG with over 50 million players, recently released in Open Beta, with Portuguese being one of the languages ​​available for subtitles. The game features beautiful graphics and isometric view provided by Unreal Engine 3, and brings a very different proposal from its predecessor, this time the focus is on the dungeons, in the MU Legend universe they are present offering several challenges and are a great source of resources.


1 – Path of Exile

Available for free on Steam, and described by many players as ‘no pay-to-win’, Path of Exile is one of the most popular titles in the Action RPG genre with the emphasis on being online, allowing you to interact with hundreds of players. The game takes place in the fantastic world of Wraclast, consisting of a very strong economy, made by the players themselves. In the title, which has an immersive and extensive world, it is still possible to customize your character, have access to an extensive tree of skills, and fight hordes of demonic creatures with a combat system that leaves nothing to be desired. Recently, the Gear Grinding Games studio announced version 2 of the game, which promises to bring more detailed graphics, better combat quality, new maps and an even deeper storyline.


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