Best Games Like Genshin Impact (2022)

The huge and surprising success, even for Chinese studio Mihoyo, has surely made Genshin Impact a new game for the studios to be inspired by and try to share a small slice of their lucrative audience.

As Genshin Impact is a recent game, it’s really hard to find players similar to this iconic title, but for now we can notice some upcoming releases and even already released games that share some interesting features with the game in question.

The Online RPG drew attention for offering anime graphics with very subtle animations and console quality, with a unique action combat. In the game, players through the storyline are tasked with exploring towers as if they were dungeons in MMORPGs, in order to reveal the mysteries of the title, as they progress and become stronger. Based on this, we selected games similar to Genshin Impact.

5 – Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet

Despite not offering a totally open world as we see in Genshin Impact, Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet is a game that must be remembered. The title that has the plot based on the successful anime series features gameplay where the player must perform quick actions through the action-based combat system. Unlike previous games, firearms battles play a key role in this action RPG, with unique and realistic designs inspired by sci-fi movies, and other weapons and fighting styles to choose from. The power of Unreal Engine 4 adds realism to textures and materials, with breathtaking graphics helping the player to immerse themselves in this dynamic world. Experience Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet.


4 – Tales of Wind

For mobile devices, Tales of Wind is an MMORPG with anime-style graphics in which players are part of the world of Laplace, a city blessed by the divines, but which is living under the shadow of evil. It is then that you on the skin of your custom character must discover the truth behind the events and bring the light back. The game has more than 20 different game modes and allows you to combine tasks with up to two players.


3 – Blue Protocol

Currently only available in Japan, but promises to be released in the rest of the world soon, Blue Protocol is an Online RPG with stunning anime-style graphics, which presents a world full of details and challenges that together with charismatic characters, offers the immersive experience with plot deep and magical. Altogether, the player can control up to 6 characters in his team in combats against imposing and defiant bosses.


2 – Kurtzpel

Despite not sharing an open world like Genshin, we can bring Kutzpel for its graphic quality with anime-style drawings that should be highlighted. Produced by KOG, known for the success of action and fighting games like Grand Chase and Elsword, Kurtzpel also delivers fluid, combo-based combat. Recently the title received another update that brought more RPG aspects to the game, as well as a new PvP combat mode in the best MOBA style. If you’re a fan of Genshin Impact, it’s worth checking out Kutzpel.

1 – Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is an immersive 2D open-world handheld game developed by Hotta Studio. It combines unlabeled characterization, film-and-television-level motion capture, high-freedom world exploration, and a fragmented sci-fi art style with a variety of scenes, interactive puzzle elements, and fast-paced combat feel, to show you an apocalyptic post-story of rescue and destruction.



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