Best Games Like Grand Chase (2022)

We know that Grand Chase is irreplaceable, and not even Elsword, the KOG title presented as the successor, which brings the same elements and seeks to offer the same gaming experience, managed to bring out the feeling that was playing the famous “GC”. However, although few, there are still some 2D MMORPG options with side view that should be given due attention.

5 – Elsword

As stated above, Elsword was the title developed by KOG to officially succeed Grand Chase, which unfortunately saw errors in its database and consumed a lot of data, causing the expenditure on servers to increase above what was necessary to allocate the real amount of players. To replace Grand Chase, Elsword relies on the key elements that make GC a success, plus similar gameplay and an immersive, comic-based storyline.


4 – Dungeon Fighter Online

Combining 2D combat with storyline, old-school visuals reminiscent of games like The King of Fighter, and MMO elements, we have Dugeon Figher Online. Although not as well known in the West, the game was one of the most profitable in Asia for many years, where it collects more than 500 million entries. With fast-paced gameplay and unique side-view action, Dungeon Fighter Online (DFO) is an action anime MORPG, the title features dazzling blow effects and complex combos.


3 – Dragon Saga

From the creators of Ragnarök Online, Dragon Saga is an online title that stands out for offering a side-view arcade analysis of the MMORPG genre. Despite being sideways, the game features 3D graphics, six playable classes (Warrior, Mage, Thief, Archer, Shaman and Twin Fighter), more than 40 scenarios (dungeons), possibility to create your own house and decorate it and combat based on skills.


2 – La Tale

With shimmering and colorful unique anime-style graphics, La Tale offers, like Grand Chase, a side-view MMORPG experience reminiscent of platform titles. Choose from 10 distinct classes, over 50 potential job specialties, and hundreds of unique weapons, pets, and equipment to create your own hero of legend. The title has several systems present in games of the genre, such as craft system, guild, skill tree and more.


1 – MapleStory

Featuring a wide variety of classes we have MapleStory, one of the most classic and most successful titles in the genre. With super colorful graphics and super easy control, MapleStory presents a captivating world full of challenges and bosses to be defeated.



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