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Best Games Like H1Z1 (2022)

Best Games Like H1Z1 (2022)

H1z1 is a popular survival game with shooter elements released in 2015, check out some free options with the same elements below.

Games similar to h1z1

5 – 7 days to day (2013)

7 days to die is an open-world FPS that is said to be the title that redefined a genre of survial horror. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic infested with the undead, where you’ll have to explore the gigantic world with freedom to search for supplies and equipment to survive. The title has an unrivaled crafting and construction system, which allows you to build your own fort with traps, repair armor and equipment with over 400 recipes. You can even drive your own vehicle, work or compete with other players, battle with different types of zombies and much more.

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4 -Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic

After a virus spreads rapidly, the human population is almost entirely decimated, leaving only terror in the world. It is in this scenario of desolation that in Infestation: Survivor Stories you must survive, facing frequent dangers and lack of resources. The title features First and Third person view options, pleasing different players, a non-linear open world, possibility to create your own clan, gigantic arsenal variation and much more. Also you choose your path between being a lawman or a bandit, killing everyone around you.

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3 – Fallen Earth (2011)

In Fallen Earth you are responsible for your own happenings, after in 2156 the world is destroyed by nuclear and biochemical weapons. Making few places could actually be habitable. One of these locations is the Grand Canyon, where your mission will be to survive over 1,000 square kilometers of harsh and mysterious terrain. The game features a hybrid real-time first-person combat system with action RPG elements, plus you have to be prepared for possible dynamic events that happen regularly, which include raids and supply discoveries.

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2 – sZone-Online (2015)

After scientific studies go the wrong way, after high energy tests with a particle accelerator create billions of black holes, thus resulting in a disruption of time and space, Earth creatures are put to magnetic effects and develop all kinds of mutation and anomalies. It is in this scenario that you must survive. In the title you will have more than 40km of islands to explore, from small villages to abandoned military zones. Besides, you’ll have to deal with thousands of mutant undead. You can even choose your profession between doctor, scientist, hunter, soldier or engineer.

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1 – PlayerUnknow’s Battleground (2017)

From the same developers as TERA Online, Bluehole, Player Unknow’s Battleground offers intense combat on a map where 100 players battle it out to be the only survivor. Each player parachutes down to a part of the map and must initially look for resources and weapons to survive the most attacks from other players. Currently the title is available for Xbox One and PC, where it recently reached the mark of 3 million simultaneous players.

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