Best Games Like Habbo (2022)

Habbo Hotel was one of the first games with the objective of meeting people and being part of a community, the title was originally launched in 2000, and arrived in Brazil in 2006, and currently has more than 300 million registered accounts. Among the main features of the game are the pixelated 2D graphics and the possibility for players to customize their characters and buy furniture for their rooms while having fun and partying with other players.

Top similar games  with Habbo Hotel

7 – Our World

OurWorld offers a virtual world where you can explore and play games, the title is developed by FrowPlay and can be played directly from the browser. The highlight of the game is the system of levels that can be increased according to the victories you will have in the mini-game, in addition, levels can be purchased with coins.


6 – Gaia Online

Gaia Online is self-titled the best place to discuss anime, movies, Sci-fi, games, Comics, among other pop culture interests. The game has animated pixel graphics and has several in-game games to have fun with friends.


5 – Animal Jam

Animal Jam  is a virtual world for kids, where kids can interact with other kids while learning to preserve nature, wildlife, work as a team and more.


4 – Club Penguin

Club Penguin is the Disney-powered virtual world and is one of the most popular MMOs in the 4-14 age group today. Players can customize their penguin with outfits and play various mini-games with their friends, as well as explore the North Pole. Although the game has been disabled on the PC, where it was available for the browser, a mobile version can be found in the PlayStore.


3 – Second Life

Second Life is a 3D game considered a life simulator and has recommended content for people over 18 years old. Among the main highlights are the possibility for you to fully customize your character and even work on building objects to earn money and buy a house. The title was extremely popular in the years 2005 to 2007, and was even used for learning new languages.


2 – Fishao

In Fishao you participate in a fun community where the main objective is to catch the greatest amount of fish, among more than 400 types, compete in tournaments, decorate your house and meet thousands of people from all over the world.


1 – ClubCooee

Offering a 3D chat proposal, at ClubCooee you have the experience of participating in a lifestyle that I always dream of, visiting events, attending night parties, meeting communities of different people, and even having an amazing pet .



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