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Games like Heartstone

Games like Heartstone

‘HearthStone’ is Blizzard’s popular card game that offers tight, strategic battles with cards representing characters from the Warcraft universe.

With the game’s popularity, several other companies decided to try to grab a little bit of the game’s slice and presented their own titles, which you can check out below. It is important to note that the games presented as similar are just because they are card games, most have different and even innovative mechanics.

Games Similar to HearthStone

5 – Magic Duels

Based on the popular card game ‘Magic: The Gathering’, ‘Magic Duels’ offers players thousands of collectible cards and over 60 campaign missions. The game is seen as the best adaptation of Magic and features dynamic battles that reflect an experience faithful to what players have when playing ‘Magic: The Gathering’.


4 – Gwent

Available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, ‘Gwent’ offers a variety of functions for you to command an army full of characters from the popular franchise of RPG games for consoles ‘The Witcher’. The game offers gameplay similar to ‘HearthStone’, in which strategy is very important to win battles.


3 – The Elder Scrolls Legend

The Elder Scrolls franchise also has its TGC (Trading Game Card) titled ‘The Elder Scrolls Legend’, a competitive strategy game based in the Elder Scrolls universe. When starting the game, players find themselves in the middle of a single player campaign where they must explore the world of Tamriel, while discovering the main mechanics of the title. One of these mechanics will give players a deck according to the attributes they choose, at the beginning of each game it is also possible to choose between three classes with different styles of play.


2 – HEX: Shards of Fate

With more than 2,000 cards available ‘HEX: Shards of Fate‘ offers players an experience that combines the best of the RPG world with the gameplay of a Tranding Card Game. The game features a card socket system that adds new features and more powerful cues, as well as allowing players to sell, buy, or trade cards through the auction. As an RPG, the game offers the possibility for players to create their own champions, choosing between 4 classes and 8 races, also allowing players to be free to choose their talents.


1 – Eternal Card Game

In ‘Eternal’ Card Game the heroes fight for the Throne of Eternal with spells, swords, guns and subterfuge. The game was developed with the help of professional TGC players and enables strategic and dynamic battles with endless possibilities in the best ‘HearthStone’ style. Eternal is available for free on PC, through Steam, and mobile devices.


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