Best Games Like Ikarim (2022)

Ikariam is an online strategy RPG from Gameforge based in Ancient Greece whose objective is to build and develop your empire.

Games Similar to Ikariam

5 – KingsAge


Developed by Gameforge, In KingsAge you must build a castle that gives its citizens security so that they work safely and build new buildings, but you are in the medieval era, where the main kingdoms battle to increase their territories and collect resources that will be used in the future. To survive the battles you can choose to make alliances with other players that will help you evolve in the game.

4 – Elvenar

Released in 2015, Elvenar offers an online fantasy world where elves and humans can live together, its goal is to create a lush city, however it will not be an easy task. In this magical world there are also strange creatures that in order to defeat them it will be necessary to discover new technologies and secrets.


3 – Imperia Online

Imperia Online offers a world set in the Medieval Era where you must choose between fighting alongside nomads or imperials, according to your choice the gameplay will change a little, but the objective will be the same. You’ll have to build your empire, for that you’ll have to manage peasants to build new buildings, and at the same time get resources to create a strong army to protect yourself and attack possible threats. Imperia Online was released in 2005 and is available in Portuguese for free, for more information, visit the game oficials official page.


2 – Forge Empire

In Forge Empires you are a tribal chief who founded his village in the year 5,000 BC, in the Stone Age and your goal is to develop your tribe so that it can be successful and raise more and more resources for your village, which is in constant development. To make your tribe grow, you’ll have to be a strategist and you’ll have to choose between being a peaceful ruler or an evil leader who spreads blood wherever he goes. Forge Empires was released in 2012 and is available for free in Portuguese, for more information visit the game oficials official website.


1 – Grepolis

Grepolis is a free online browser game with a strong focus on cooperative play and strategy. Your task is to transform a small “polis” (Greek word for city) into a huge metropolis. Recruit a powerful army with mythical units like the Manticora or the Hydra. Transport your seafaring troops across the Greek seas and conquer distant islands. You can play here.



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