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Games like League of Angels

Games like League of Angels

Released in December 2013, League of Angels is the first title in GTArcade’s successful Online RPG franchise, the title features isometric graphics and a magical fantasy world where players can explore their challenges.

Similar Games to League of Angels

5 – Legend Online

Legend Online, also known as Legend Online II, is an MMORPG-style game developed by 7road and published by Oasis Games on August 7, 2012. It is a free-to-play browser game whose revenue is microtransactions. . Its platforms are the official website of Oasis Games and Facebook.


4 – Legacy of Discord

In Legacy of Discord players experience intense real-time combat, slashing, slashing and blasting anything in their path across a vast fantasy world. Play together with friends and raid treacherous dungeons or fight your rivals in the arena and on huge PvP battlegrounds. Upgrade your character and transform your inexperienced warrior into a ruthless god of war.


3 – Era of Celestials

In Era of Celestials, Magi will be your most loyal protectors. In the heat of battle, they will always be by your side! You’ll find several Magi, each providing different forms of assistance, and you can switch them at will, giving you a variety of strategies to help you overcome any situation.


2 – Rangers of Obvilion

In the title, players engage in real-time combat with a completely unlocked camera and see the world of Rangers of Oblivion. Master 6 unique weapon types: Greatsword, Lance, Longbow, Twin Blades, Staff and Armored Gauntlets. Hunt, kill and loot monsters to forge stronger equipment and defeat tougher and more difficult enemies.


1 – League of Angels III

League of Angels III is the third title in GTArcade’s successful Online RPG franchise. The game is a turn-based fantasy MMORPG/strategy hybrid game published by Combining familiar multiplayer features with RPG.


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