Best Games Like New World (2023)

In beta and close to its major release, the long-awaited Amazon New World MMORPG title is in the spotlight. However, unfortunately not everyone has had or has the opportunity to purchase a copy to try it out and other alternatives can be a good momentary option for fun moments. Obviously, New World has innovative elements and systems with unique mechanics that make it a real sandbox and that’s why it’s going to be so hard to find similar titles, but we made an effort and separated for you the best games similar to this great MMORPG.

1 – Black Desert

We started our list with the iconic Black Desert from Korean studio Pearl Abyss. Like every Korean game Black Desert also has a game experience based mainly on griding, which means long hours killing monsters as a progression. The title can be seen as one of the games similar to New World for offering graphics with characters and ultra realistic graphics even more in its Remastered version.

2 – Sea of Thieves

Bringing a fun and immersive world, Sea of ​​Thieves presents an essential piracy experience, where players can sail the sea with their party and participate in intense combat to become a legend. In the game, you alone or with your team can explore a world full of unexplored islands and full of mysteries, wrecked ships and artifacts, as well as following iconic pirate plots, such as the incredible story of Jack Sparow. The title resembles New World in only a few ways, one of them being the sandbox mode that is part of the gameplay style.

3 – Guild Wars 2

Released in 20212 Guild Wars 2 continues to hold steady even more after the migration of World of Warcraft players unhappy with Blizzard’s management of their game. Such migration is due to Guild Wars 2 being a dynamic spectacular title, where players can progress through the storyline, which has an automatic mission start system, in addition to participating in balanced combat between nations, which is the main highlight of the title , making it possible for a massive amount of players to face off, just like in New World.