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Best Games Like Rust (2023)

Best Games Like Rust (2023)

Rust is PC survival game from the creators of Garys Mod, check out similar games below.

Games Like Rust

5 – Ark Survival

Currently in early access, ARK: Survival Envolved offers a mysterious world full of challenges where dinosaurs rule and where you begin your journey through, freezing and hungry. So your main objective is to survive, for that you’ll have to explore the island in search of resources, to build your first fire and hut. It may not be such an easy task, due to the creatures that inhabit the world, but with a little courage you will be able to hunt them down and even tame them. ARK Survival is buy-yo-play, and is available on Steam for around R$56.

4 – 7 days to Die

7 days to die is an open-world FPS that is said to be the title that redefined a genre of survial horror. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic infested with the undead, where you’ll have to explore the gigantic world with freedom to search for supplies and equipment to survive. The title has an unrivaled crafting and construction system, which allows you to build your own fort with the right to traps, repair armor and equipment with over 400 recipes. You can even drive your own vehicle, work or compete with other players, battle with different types of zombies and much more.

3 – Unturned

Considered by many fans to be a mix between Minecraft and DayZ, Unturned is a survival game. With characteristics of other games of the same genre such as the need to accumulate supplies, which makes Smartly Dressed’s game more accessible than the others, is that, in addition to being free, the game has light graphics and is quite fun. The player can create a local server and play with the crowd without any problems. To play Unturned, just download it from Steam, where it is available for Windows, Mac and Steam Play.

2 – Day Z

Developed by Bohemia Interactive Studio, the pioneer DayZ Standalone or just Dayz is a complete survival multiplayer online game. The player must stay alive when facing zombies and enemy players in abandoned cities, set in a world devastated by a zombie apocalypse. Dayz, which may soon be released for PS4 and XBOX one, can be played on your computer via Steam for 89.90 reais. When played as a group, the game feels great as you gather friends to execute survival and attack strategies, find vehicle parts, hide in rubble, or accumulate supplies and equipment to survive. It’s a game that has influenced many others in the survival genre.

1 – h1z1

Set in the US, in the midst of a zombie apocalypse caused by a mutant virus, the H1Z1 game developed by Daybreak Games is another one of the online multiplayer survival genre. The game is for computers running Windows and is priced at 36.99 reais on Steam. With great graphics and gameplay, H1Z1 brings unique experiences, because in addition to having the game with more focused PvP, there is also the game with the need for searching and crafting elements and equipment for survival against zombies and hostile players. Vehicles and base invasion are also part of H1Z1.

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