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With more than 200,000 downloads on the PlayStore, Tales of Wind is a stunning MMORPG from Neocraft that features anime-style graphics with charismatic characters. However, there are other promising Tales of Wind-like games, some of the best of which you can check out below.

5 – Flyff Legacy

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Bringing all the experience that popularized the title on PC to mobile, Flyff Legacy is an amazing mmorpg with a magical fantasy-based world, in which players can participate in exciting combats and fight with epic bosses.

In the game you join an adventure with thousands of other players in the incredible anime world of FlyFF, embarking on an epic journey to learn to fly on your broom, rediscovering the world of Madrigal, more beautiful than ever, on your mobile, while Battle in different dungeons.


4 – RPG Iruna Online

Iruna Online is one of the most classic 3D games for mobile devices, in addition to having one of the most immersive and extensive storylines, with 160 missions and extensive story.

In addition to the quests, the game has several bosses so that you and four friends can defeat them in search of valuable rewards. Its combat system is action and a lot of fun.

The highlight of the game is the possibility for you to have your own island and customize it the way you want to have some rest with your friends.


3 – Savior Fantasy

jogos similares a tales of wind

Featuring overhauled fancy graphic with perfect 3D graphics that mold the world into shape, Savior Fantasy is made to provide exquisite and fun gaming experience in the player’s hands Beautiful [Waltzie Academy], unprecedented cutscenes and battle animations.

The mmorpg has a unique character creation system, where you combine costumes, arsenal, hair and much more. One of the fun aspects, and also a highlight, is the possibility of obtaining mounts for faster movement.

Introducing the new Assistance System where Pets, Mounts and Partners, you can create powerful formations together with your friends to help you in your battles. Farm them at will and create your own team as strong as a god for flawless efficiency.


2 – Stella Arcana

Offering ultra quality and fun graphics, Stella Arcana is a complete MMORPG game, which presents several possibilities for players to have fun and progress in the title.

With a maximum level of 80, you guarantee good hours to explore the extensive and stunning world of Stella Arcana and search for the most varied challenges, participating in dungeons with other different players.

Another recent addition to the game is the Rosen Knight class, a Tank-type class with an array of damage-oriented AOE abilities.

He wears heavy armor, a large spear, and his design is heavily inspired by dragon slayers who arrived just in time to join the fight against Druk the Star Reaper, the corrupted demonic dragon of this expansion.


1 – Aura Kingdom 2

Developed by X-Legend, renowned producer of anime mmorpg games, Aura Kingdom 2 features stunning and detailed 3D characters with action-based combat and an extensive world.

In the title, you enjoy fast-paced, fluid combat with one of four available classes, to participate in the exploration of epic dugeons with games from around the world.

Meet over 40 Eidolons (pets) on your journey and cultivate and form inseparable bonds with your partners. The game allows you to create a unique team for you, using them in powerful skills to defeat your opponents.



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