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Games like Tibia

Games like Tibia

Perhaps today playing Tibia is a joke among players who prefer 3D games with more graphic quality, but for many older people who had access to the ‘internet’ in mid-1995-2005 Tibia was the gateway to the world of MMORPGs. Today Tibia is still making a lot of money for its developers, but with a much lower player base compared to its heyday. Although Tibia’s style of play is quite interesting and successful with servers with an open PvP system and PK mode, several current games have not followed this same model, making Tibia almost unique.

Games similar to Tibia

7 – Aberoth

Aberoth is a 2D MMORPG with retro graphics released in July 2015. The game starts when the player escapes from prison without equipment and spells and must explore the world. The game is very interesting because it has some functions similar to Tibia, for example, it is possible to attack other players in almost all areas. But the game also has many other functions and systems that make it unique, such as being able to transform into a beast, capture monsters and make it your pet.


6 – RPG MO

RPG MO is a 2D MMORPG with very limited mechanics, if you think that Tibia is already limited by not having movement in fights or audio, then you will be surprised with RPG MO. In the title, the characters do not even have the movement of walking and attacking. Which is not bad, “RPG MO” takes players back to the origins of MMORPGS with its 2D graphics and limited mechanics.


5 – Eternal Quest

Eternal Quest is a 2D MMORPG developed by a single producer, who is Brazilian. The title was developed in Unity and has, as a differential from games in this style, combat based on fast-paced action, with skills that jump on the screen. In addition, according to its producer, the title is completely free and without Pay-to-Win, which can attract players who consider this feature.


4 – Ultima Online

With Tibia, Ultima Online is one of the oldest games of its kind, and is seen as the father of MMORPGs in the west. The game features an expansive and immersive sandbox world enjoyed by thousands of players worldwide on a daily basis. It’s an innovative and unrivaled experience in the world of multiplayer online role-playing games. Unfortunately, the game is paid. Despite being seen as one of the Tibia-like games, Ultima Online actually inspired the creators of Tibia.


3 – Bloodstone


Bloodstone is recognized for being one of the games similar to Tibia, a 2D MMORPG developed by Brazilians that was recently announced at the Brasil Game Show in São Paulo. The game is very similar to “Tibia” graphically and even in the interface. However, the developers seek to make the game fluid and guarantee that the MMORPG will be free to play. The developers are expected to launch a beta between December 2015 and January 2016.


2 – Arcadia MMORPG

Arcadia is a 2D Pixel Art MMORPG developed for mobile and PC in the future, one of the games similar to Tibia. You start level 1, when hunting monsters you will get level and skills. Monsters drop loot and gold, you must catch them to buy potions that can heal you life or mana. Along the journey you will have different maps and you will be able to play with hundreds of players around the world doing dozens of exciting quests and missions. Described by its own developers as a Tibia style game, the game offers three playable classes: Warrior, Archer and Mage, skill training system, mount, challenging monsters and PvP.


1 – Zezenia Online

Our first indication of games similar to Tibia could not be any other. Zezenia Online features a large map of 4 continents with hundreds of spells, monsters and quests to explore. There are 3 main classes, and you can level up your character to one of the 7 available subclasses later in the game. The game is created by fans of the old MMORPG Tibia, which explains the similarity in graphic style and gameplay. However, the game is not purely a ripoff or an “Open Tibia server”, but rather a game of its own with many unique aspects in game mechanics and “feel”, which you will notice when you try it. If you’re into PVP, you’ll be delighted to partake in the fast-paced, skill-based action the game offers. If you prefer to play in peace, there is also a non-PVP world. Other notable features of the game include dungeons, ingredient gathering and potion making, player housing, a task system (including boss tasks), battle arenas, football, and much more.


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