Games like Travian

Travian is one of the most popular browser games where you are in charge of building your own empire.

Games like Travian

5 – Forge of Empires (2014)

In the role of a tribal chief in the year 5,000 BC, in the Stone Age, in Forge of Empires you’ll be in charge of founding your settlement, so your task will be to show your skills in managing and having a strategy to develop your city over the years. ages of history.

It all starts, when still in the Stone Age you create the first huts of your village, and as you progress you will evolve through the Age of Stories, but it is not an easy task, because to evolve you have to attack neighboring provinces, in order to collect your resources.

Forge of Empires is available for free in the browser.

4 – Elvenar (2015)

Launched in 2015, Elvenar offers an online fantasy world where elves and humans can live together, its goal is to create a lush city, but it will not be an easy task.

In this magical world there are also strange creatures that to defeat them it will be necessary to discover new technologies and secrets.

Elvenar is available in Portuguese for free, for more information visit the game’s official page.

3 – Ikariam (2008)

In Ikariam you’re in charge of building and evolving your city in Ancient Greece, for that you’ll have to make several alliances with other players.

In the game you can choose between three types of government: Aristocracy, Democracy, Technocracy, each with different characteristics and bonuses, for example, in the Aristocrat government, which is controlled by a small number of people, it has a 20% time bonus construction of buildings.

In addition, when the capital of the empire is captured, it enters a Xenocracy with only half of the advantages from the previous government will be obtained by the player.

2 – Tribal Wars (2003)

Tribal Wars is a strategy game based on the Middle Ages that is quite popular these days, in which your objective is to destroy and annihilate enemy tribes in order to grow your empire.

In this title, you start as a leader of a small village, while it grows, your production grows and getting new resources becomes essential, with that thousands of villages also grow around you, all with the same goal, to become big.

That’s why big battles can happen at any time, and your strategy in making new alliances will lead your tribe to victory.

Tribal Wars is available for free, for more information visit the official website.

1 – Imperia Online (2005)

Imperia Online offers a world that takes place in the Medieval Era where you have to choose between fighting alongside the nomads or the imperials, depending on your choice the gameplay will change a little, but the objective will remain the same.

You’ll have to build your empire, for that you’ll have to manage peasants to build new buildings, and at the same time get resources to create a strong army to protect yourself and attack possible threats.

Imperia Online was launched in 2005 and is available in Portuguese for free, for more information, visit the game’s official page.

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