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Best Games Like Tree of Savior (2023)

Best Games Like Tree of Savior (2023)

Tree of Savior  is a MMORPG with peculiar characteristics, has graphics designed with a unique style, and that according to its developers, is the spiritual successor of Ragnarök.

Similar games to Tree of Savior

4 – Eden Eternal

Developed by , Eden Eternal is a very popular title, which caught players’ attention for its anime graphics. The great highlight of the game is the possibility for players to switch classes at any time and for its vast world full of adventures.


3 – Minstrel Saga

Released only in China for mobile devices, Minstrel Saga aims to deliver the exact same Tree of Savior experience on mobile devices. And for that, it takes no effort, as it uses exactly the same graphics resources and engine as the title of the PC version, we just don’t know if they have all the rights to use characters from Tree of Savior.

2 – SpiritWish

From the same studio as Tree of Savior, SpiritWish is an online RPG for smartphones that catches the eye for its iconic graphics clearly inspired by “ToS”. In the title, players take control of a group of three characters who follow in the footsteps of the Three Gods to gain control of ancient relics. Unfortunately the game was shut down by Nexon recently, but it will likely return as a PC game through a Japanese publisher.


1 – Guardians of Fantasy

Available for mobile devices, Guardians of Fantasy offers an unprecedented MMORPG experience for android device users. One of the most attention-grabbing points in the title is its anime-style graphics that are very reminiscent of Tree of Savior, some players even say that the game’s interfaces are also very similar.


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