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Best Games Like Ultima Online (2023)

Best Games Like Ultima Online (2023)

Ultima Online is one of the classic titles of the MMORPG genre, for many the first graphic massive Muliplayer Online game, so it’s normal that new games have it as inspiration, and that’s what happened.

Games Similar to Ultima Online

5 – Wild Terra

Despite its more survival-oriented theme, Wild Terra Online manages to offer the “feeling” of Ultima Online through its isometric graphic and the various mechanics presented. In the title, players literally start with nothing and each day is a fight for survival in a world surrounded by challenges, in which players must collect resources to manufacture their first equipment or even a large property surrounded by walls. The game features full loot combat mechanics with open PvP in which players can attack any opposing property in order to steal their resources.

4 – Linkrealms

Linkrealms is a darkly themed MMORPG developed by a small team, in which players are free to combine classes regardless of race. Another resource that the game has is the profession, for example, it is possible to become a farmer or miner and sell the resources obtained to make a large fortune. The game is full of dangers and challenges, which refer to the first games of the genre. It is possible to encounter dungeons with bizarre and dangerous creatures, the title brings back the exploration experience and the feeling that you are never safe enough once PvP is open.

3 – Darkeden

While Ultima Online reigned supreme in western lands, Darkeden was the most popular title in Asia, especially in South Korea. The game offers an experience hardly seen in other MMORPGs, starting with the dark vampire theme that combines middle age fantasy with atmosphere Sci Fi It is possible to choose your class with the possibility to change the stat points at any time.


Clearly inspired by Ultima Online, Tibia offers players a gigantic, explorable world full of mysteries and dangerous creatures. The game has unique mechanics and gameplay, including the possibility of renting a house, usually to display the equipment obtained in the last adventure. In addition to allowing players to join guilds and battle for control of different hunting locations.

1 – Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja is an MMORPG that offers isometric vision and graphic-effects combat based on the Korean fantasy novel of the same name that has sold over 50 million copies worldwide. In the title, players can choose between five classes and different types of jobs (jobs) that are used to collect resources and make money. The game has PvP mode divided into several modes, including War and NK mode, the latter allows players to attack other players freely, but with a penalty if the difference in levels is too high.

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