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Best Games Like Zelda (2023)

Best Games Like Zelda (2023)

Zelda is a popular Nintendo RPG franchise created by  Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka that had its first title released in 1986 and was hugely successful.

Zelda Similar Games

5 – Cube World

Cube World is a voxel RPG inspired by famous titles like Minecraft, Zelda, Secret of Mana, Monster Hunter, Diablo and World of Warcraft. In the game, players participate in a randomly created world full of resources and adventures to be discovered. The title offers several types of biomes to be explored, where players can carry out missions, enter mystical portals, navigate the ocean and of course unravel various dungeons. For more information, visit the game’s official website.

4 – Trove

With voxel graphics, Trove offers an MMORPG world full of mysteries to be explored, with some possibilities that are quite present in the genre such as crafting, the possibility of having your own house and mount. In addition, the game offers dungeons and hundreds of challenges for you to face with your friends. In the game you can also build an island with castles for you and your friends to explore. Trove is available for free, for more information go to the game’s official website.

3 – Life Forge

Recently released on Steam, Life Forge is an ORPG with isometric 2D graphics developed by indie producer SkywardRiver through the RPG Maker platform. In the game you participate in incredible adventures while exploring a world full of resources, with the possibility of PvE and PvP battles and several powerful bosses waiting for you. The game also has several interesting systems present in MMORPG, such as mount, character customization, craft, stamina and weight, as well as, of course, custom graphics. Life Forge is available for free on Steam, for more information go to the game page.

2 – Graal Online Classic

With 16-bit 2D graphics reminiscent of games from the Zelda franchise, Graal Online offers players a fun world where they can make new friends and defeat monsters and join or create their own guild. The game also offers PvP battles and the possibility for players to battle in Castle wars or simply have their own house. Overall the game is very simple, but it can guarantee good hours of fun. Grail Online can be played by browser devices and iOS.

1 – Oceanhorn

Oceanhorn offers 3D graphics with its own style, captivating story and lots of adventure and action and puzzles. In the game you’re in charge of discovering the secrets of a creature called the Oceanhorn, which according to local stories, your father was the bravest adventurer to face it. Among the game’s qualities are over 15 hours of gameplay, two forms of fighting (magic/sword), original music. Besides, of course, the similarity with the Zelda franchise, both in terms of graphics and gameplay. Oceanhorn is available for mobile devices and Windows PC, for more information go to the game’s Steam page.

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