Best Gaming Chair for Fat Guys (2023)

Looking for the best gaming chair for fat guys? We know how difficult it is to choose the ideal chair, especially when we are fat people and don’t want to go through the hassle of going to the nearest store and testing whether the products will be comfortable. Unfortunately, many gamer chairs are designed for slim people and have a slight tilt at the end, which often gets in the way of larger people and makes the experience very uncomfortable. With that in mind, we made a selection of the best gamer chairs for fat people, we only chose chairs with seats with a width of 54cm or more. Therefore, it is recommended that before choosing your ideal chair, you know what is the ideal width for you using a measuring tape, or even a ruler.

1 – Gaming Chair EC1 ThunderX3 up to 150kg

cadeira gamer para gordo até 150kg


Supporting up to 150kg, the EC1 ThunderX3 Gaming Chair is the toughest chair you’ll find on the market today. With incredible quality, the chair is described as super comfortable and for offering super resistant material with a finish constructed with the unique Air Tech technology, which offers superior breathability and an ergonomic design for long hours of use, whether playing or working. The chair has padded arms, high-density foam for maximum comfort, in addition to a seat with a width of 53cm, making it ideal for anyone measuring up to 1.80m.


2 -Gaming Chair Prizi Runner up to 180kg

Simple but functional Prizi Runner Gaming Chair that can support people weighing up to 180kg according to the manufacturer. The chair has an adjustable backrest angle from 85 to 135º, is all made of PVC material and has a class 2 gas lift height adjustment for greater comfort and ease of adjustment.


3 – Gaming Chair Mad Racer PCYes up to 120kg

The beautiful Gaming  Chair Mad Race Sti Master from PCyes is focused on ergonomics and the best value for money. The chair provides comfort with its padded upholstery with 2cm of new D24 foam, 2cm of recycled D60 foam and an additional 1cm of soft foam inside the upholstery. Unfortunately the armrest is not padded, which could offer more comfort. However, the chair has good strength, supporting up to 120kg. For ease in adjusting the height, the chair has a device with gas lift adjustment, for a comfortable experience. It is worth noting that the chair, according to evaluations from buyers, is ideal for people with an average height of 1.73. More than that, you are left without the headrest. You can find this all black chair here on this page.


4 – Gaming Chair Raptor ELG up to 120kg

cadeira gamer para gordo

We also have the Raptor Gaming Chair from the renowned ELG gamer chair manufacturer. Finished in D40 density foam, you have all the comfort you need for long hours of play. The leather material to be very resistant and has reinforced nylon casters for greater durability. The chair supports up to 120kg, offers 54cm of width in the seat, has support for fixed arms and highlights the resistance, as already mentioned. Unfortunately, she can make a little noise when sitting.


5 – Cadeira Gamer OEX up to 120kg

With a seat width of 53cm, the Gaming Chair OEX draws attention for its stunning design with orange accents and its ergonomics. Offering a differentiated design with a resistant structure, reinforced with a light and flexible construction, this gamer chair is ideal for those seeking maximum comfort and durability with support for up to 120kg. The chair is finished with 700d stitching, which in addition to presenting a cleaner and bigger look, helps in the product’s resistance and longevity. Another great highlight is that it also features perforated fabric on the backrest, helping with cooling and avoiding the heat caused by many hours of use. The armrest of the Gamer OEX Chair has PU leather with extra padding, and for ease of use, the equipment has a high-quality, height-adjustable gas spring system, in addition to being tiltable. Without a doubt, this is the best gaming chair for those seeking comfort, despite not having the ideal maximum seat width.


6 – Gaming Chair RGB Chroma up to 150kg

cadeira gamer 150kg

Offering a differentiated design thanks to its LED system, which presents a stunning appearance, especially in dark environments, we have the incredible RGB Chroma Gamer Chair by ELG, which is an excellent choice of gamer chair for fat people. With a design inspired by sports car seats, its finish was constructed with premium materials, synthetic leather and reinforced base for greater durability. The chair has height adjustment and a Butterfly mechanism system, 4th generation Airlift gas piston, which makes it possible to tilt the backrest up to 180º. With reinforced structure, the chair has a swivel base in nylon base with 350mm quality material that provides greater durability and resistance, supporting up to 150 kg. Please note, unfortunately your slight tilt in your seat can be quite uncomfortable for heavier people.