Best Gaming Chair for Short People (2023)

Looking for best gaming chair for short people? Do you consider yourself a short person and measure up to 1.7m? Despite a wide variety of chairs available on the market, several of them are focused on tall people. Knowing this, we selected the best options for short people, which you can check below.

1 – Gaming Chair Cruiser Fortrek

cadeira gamer para pessoas baixas

Our first indication of a gaming chair for short people was the stunning Fortrek Gamer Cruiser Chair, which features a design with distinctive leather details, providing a robust experience that is easy to assemble with great comfort, according to the buyers themselves. The Cruiser chair has a polyurethane cover with carbon fiber details. Its stitching is reminiscent of the famous sports car seats, firm seat with a small headrest and back cushion offer long-lasting comfort.


2 – Gaming Chair EC3 Cyan Thunder X3

cadeira pessoa baixa

Continuing with our selection is ThunderX3’s stunning EC3 Gamer Chair. Constructed of carbon fiber, the unique design offers a sleek, futuristic look from every angle. For comfort, it features a high-density molding foam that adjusts to your unique body shape while providing full body support. One of the great attractions of this chair for short people is that it has a back recline from 90 to 180º, which offers even greater comfort when resting. It is noteworthy that your seat has a curvature, to better fit, but that may bother heavier or taller people. Another point is that your arms do not increase or decrease, which can harm ergonomics depending on the table. You can find other very interesting color options too.


3 – Gaming Chair Strike PCTop

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With a capacity of up to 120kg, the PCTop Strike Gaming Chair is another good option for those looking for comfort with an inexpensive equipment. Its backrest has an adjustable angle of up to 135° and a height of 81cm, great for shorter people who can arrange the cervical pillow more easily. The chair is built entirely in PU synthetic leather, with butterfly mechanism and fixed cushioned armrest.


4 – Gaming Chair Blackfire Fortrek

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The gaming chair option for short people went to Fortrek’s BlackFire Gamer Chair, which offers the best cost-effectiveness and combines comfort and durability, although its assembly is a little complicated. The Blackfire chair has a polyurethane cover with carbon fiber details. Its elbow backrest is padded and fixed, which does not guarantee the best ergonomics in this aspect, among other qualities of the chair that stand out, such as the comfort of the seat and backrest.


5 – Gaming Chair Mad Racer Sti PCYes

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Finally, our last nomination was for PCYes’s Mad Racer Sti Gamer Chair, a product that brings an iconic design and is really eye-catching when we see it live. Among its features are the height adjustment of up to 100mm with gas lift, which offers greater practicality and comfort without much effort when performing the height adjustment. Another strong point is its Tilt mechanism, which allows the chair to follow the movement and inclination of the body, offering a greater sense of comfort.