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Best Gaming Chair for Tall Person (2023)

Best Gaming Chair for Tall Person (2023)

Looking for a gaming chair for tall people? As always, we recommend great products for you who are looking for specific solutions. Before going to our selection, we must first make clear what is considered a tall person. And taking into account that in USA the average height is 1.74, we consider tall people who are 1.80 or more tall. Knowing this, below we have selected the best gaming chairs for tall people.

1 – Gaming Chair Profissional TGC12 ThunderX3

cadeira gamer pessoa alta thunderx

Our first gamer chair indication for tall people went to the rugged TGC12 Professional Gaming Chair manufactured by the renowned ThunderX3. The chair is stunningly finished with material covered in diamond-shaped carbon fiber stitching that is firmly constructed for maximum comfort. The TGC12 has a backrest of 82cm, having its height recommended for people from 1.60 to 1.85m and weighing up to 150kg. The quality of ThunderX3 is unquestionable, so much so that it has the platform’s best-selling seal with excellent evaluation from its buyers. It also features a reclining backrest of up to 180º, a balance of 3 to 18º (relax function) and 2D arms (2 directions) among its highlights.


2 – Gaming Chair Mad Racer V8 Turbo Pc Yes

cadeira gamer para pessoas altas

Available in a variety of colors including blue, red, and even pink, we have the imposing Mad Racer V8 Turbo Gamer Chair, a gamer chair for tall people with a focus on ergonomics and durability. Suitable for people up to 1.90m, this chair is finished with 100% polyester coating with molded foam D45, armrest with 4D technology and seat with Relax function with Tilt Mechanism 3 to 16º and inclination of up to 135º. If you are interested in this chair, you can also check out the PlayStation Gamer Chair from the same manufacturer.


3 – Gaming Chair Cruiser Fortrek

Our third nomination for gaming chair for tall people was for Fortrek Gamer Cruiser Chair, which brings a composition with synthetic lining material with leather with high details for more that still does not offer as much comfort as its competitors. However, it has a super easy assembly, with an inclusive key and positive points such as a 155º inclination, having its back with a Butterfly mechanism, gas lift and 2D arms. It supports up to 135kg and has a height recommended for people up to 1.90m.


4 – Gaming Chair Gamer Dust

Bringing a back height of 84cm, the Gaming Chair Black MW is a product suitable for tall people and that provides a great feeling of ergonomics with the leather finish with high density foam D40. Its armrest is adjustable both vertically and horizontally and offers ample seat height adjustment. However, in addition to being a good gamer chair option for tall people, MW stands out for its backrest that reclines up to 180º and supports up to 150kg.


5 – Gaming Chair Premium Xzone

We finished our selection with the Xzone Premium Gaming Chair which has a simple but comfortable finish thanks to the high density foam present even in the armrest, as well as lumbar and neck pillows. The backrest has a configuration that reclines up to 155º and the seat has a smooth height adjustment with the gas system. Its high strength wheels ensure easy movement in a 360º turn. Despite offering a good experience for tall people, it is noteworthy that the contour of the seat, with a slight elevation, may not offer the best comfort for heavier people.


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